10 October 2008

Soleil's Luuna

Heya, peeps and peepettes. :)

Here's a sneakpeek of a page for a shortstory in, called Luuna, I'm working on for Soleil. I'm having a tons of fun with the pages. They were a struggle at first. The mindset you gotta get into is one of the hardest challenges. At first I was intimidated with each page, but now, I have been excited to start on each new page.

For the shortystory I was given the opportunity to redesign the characters as how I'd envision them.

I'll keep you all posted when the book hits the stands.

For those unfamiliar with Soleil, they are a well-known European based publishing company. They've published many many many beautiful books. To name a few: Belladone, Skydoll, Ash, K, Monster Allergy, Daffodil, and Haazard.

Thank you to Andy Kuhn, and Jonboy Meyers for mentoring me through the pages.

Hope y'all digs!


Bobby Chiu said...

Soleil? Awesome Sean! Can't wait

Hatem said...

great work Sean!,can't wait to see it printed, is it going to be published in french or english?

keep it up man!

Romain Ronzeau said...

Welcome to the French comic book realm ! ;) The page looks terrific. Any idea when it's going to be published ?

rory said...

You are in very good company, a lot of the European stuff is just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

You handle backgrounds great! I look forward to each post, just to see how you layout your characters. Nice!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> S O B

..so animated too . she's leapin' off .. geez.


Virtual Barata said...

I love the colors in your work! Fantastic!

Chris Bivins said...

awesome page man. i cant wait to see the finished book together. im definitely gonna cop one when it drops. beautiful stuff man. peace


Nico said...

As i told you sean,ican't wait to see next pages....
Again beautifull work...
And me too i can't wait to see it all print....
Thanks again,


Oscar Rosales said...

Great stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, cannot wait, sir. Get your sequentials on!

Alina Chau said...

This is looking great!!

Anonymous said...


I knew Luuna (Im a belgian), and it's so weird to see her with your "style".
I love it ! Hurry up ! :)

Tara Graphic said...


cool stuff man!

nice wolves!

keep on drawing!!

The Black Samurai said...

It's great to see you putting up sequential pages! Hope I can pick this book up in the states. Keep up the dynamic work!

LeDidole said...

Working for Soleil ?! Welcome to one of the French side of comics! It is a nice company ( I have several friends working there! ). So, tell us, what was the struggle? Do you mean it is because of the French way of layouting a page? Anyway, it looks gorgeous.

pascal said...

looks great!
a french character with US Comics style: just amazing!

KENESU said...

I'll be sure to look into this Soleil company.

Your work is outstanding. Any artist can just look at the stuff you do and be in awe. Honestly, your work inspires me to get better.

Daniel said...

Congrats for this new oportunity!

Dustin A. Foust said...

Its nice to hear that an artist with your amazing skills gets intimidated at times to. This looks like its going to be amazing. I can't wait to get my hands on it. Great stuff!

EL GRANDE said...

Great work man. Hope to see more soon.

Joe y Elio

Anonymous said...

Supafly! Love the wolves!

steve hui said...

another winner, looks great!

riq said...

Looking reeeel good..

The storytelling on this page is very nice, simple and straightforward.. I'm looking forward to see how the complete story comes out.


kris.w said...

dude! your designs are the poop!!

if you had the time, it'd be awesome if you sketched out the original Power Rangers crew.. haha! i love your style man.

Tatevik Avakyan said...

Great work!

camilografico said...

grandeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tu trabajo!!!

pierre alary said...

ha!ha!ha! ..so ..how do you feel working the french way ?!! ...it's cool to see you enjoy it! ...hope it's just the beginning for you .welcome aboard!!!
and ..by the way ..it's very nice..as always

marga turnbull said...

Hi Sean!
Very good job with your Soleil, that the European experience?, You know that as soon as I publish the album purchase. A hug!

Anonymous said...

Very nice!

Cheeks said...

thank you, Bobby!

thank you, Hatem! as far as i know it's going to be in English, for the Marvel/Soleil line of books.

thank you, Romain! I think it'll be published here in the states first for Marvel/Soleil.

I love the work I see from Europe, Rory. I can't get enough of it! HAHAHA It's very intimidating, so I have to step it up, so I don't make a fool of myself. :P

Thank you, Super Aggresso! I had some mentors, Andy Kuhn, and Jonboy Meyers, guiding me through the production of the pages.

Thank ya, Tokka! Catch her before she gets too far! :)

Thank you, Virtual Barata!

Thank you, Chris!

Thank you, Nico! It's wonderful collaborating with you. :)

Thank ya, Oscar!

Waddup, Swain! Dude, thank ya, man!

Thank you, Alina!

HAHAHA! Thank you, Anonymous!

Thank you, Tara. I'm so happy you picked up on them being wolves. HAHA I didn't draw them well, so some people think they're dogs. :P

Thank you, Black Samurai! Marvel/Soliel is putting the book out, so your wish may come true. :)

Thank you, Ledidole! The struggle was to make the panels as exciting, and interesting as I can.

You made me blush, Pascal! Thank you!

Thank you for the kind words, Kenesu! You're too kind.

Thank you, Daniel!

I'm only human, Dustin, and I don't mind knowing sharing my weaknesses. I think that's a good way to be open for growth. And thank you for the very nice comment, bud.

Thank you, El Grande!

thank you, Mkummer!

thank you, Steve!

thank you, Riq!

thank you, Kris! wow... Power Rangers huh? I've done some a couple years back. Maybe I'll do some for kicks! hahaha

thank you, Tatevik!

thank you, camilografico!

Heya, Pierre! man, it is so challenging. so many panels per page! HAHAHA I cry myself to sleep sometimes. haha I admire and LOVE what you bring to each and every drawing/page. Your style, captivates me because it's so full wonderment, and reminds me to be young in the heart.
Thank you for so much for enjoying the page!

Thank you, Marga! I hope you'll enjoy it when the book comes out. :)

Thank you, Doug!

Dylan said...

Soleil? Nice! This page looks sweet man. Very nicely done. Love seeing sequential work from you.