10 July 2008


Sir David Williams, AKA Brohawk has spoken. When the wise one speaks, I listen. :)HAHA

Actually, you all are wise as well. So thank you, everyone for your input. I was on the fence and I really appreciate you all wanting me to go back to the old sig style as well.


Just a wind down piece for the evening.

I've also created a new signature for my artwork. It's basically a "C" with a dot in it to portray my mole. hehe

Hope y'all digs!


Hope y'all digs!



Anonymous said...

haha, i've been doing the same thing with my siggy with a smiley XD I keep remember people nagging about your old sig, especially when you integrated them into the pic. I wanted to give them a whack

I like her pose and attitude. Great work!

artist Dejan Ostojic said...

Nice design. Like how you simply show character's personality in your drawing.
Very good.

Kyri Kyprianou said...

Nice! I never liked my own signature. I had to go through a few ideas before I found one I kind've thought was ok...

Anonymous said...

HAWT! Her high stripe socks turned me on.

Dan szilagyi said...

very cool sean

keep at it bro! and happy belated birthday dude

Alex Deligiannis said...

Nice! I like the new sig too, though I always loved how you incorporated the old one into the image (like the one of the Hulk, where the letters were scattered amongst the debris). Great work, man.



Anonymous said...

Awesome piece.
She looks so cool.
What's her #? (he,he)

Toyebot said...

'diggs! nice!

Raghu Gopalan said...

nice piece of art.

i never think of my signature.
OK,let me make a good one.