28 January 2008

Jolly Red Giant

Heya, Gang! How goes your 2008 so far? I see you've all been cranking away at the drawing table. My watchlist tells me so. I'm so happy to see you all grinding that pencil and showing that paper who's boss.

Welp, I guess this is my first official post for 2008. My bads. Been kinda busy, but I'll try to post a bit more frequently. Thank you all for your notes and comments to see how I've been, and your concern why I hadn't been posting lately.

At work here, some fellas and I are having themes to draw every few days, so here's a rough take on the Hulk so far.

Wolvie is another one in the works.

Hope y'all digs!


Jackson said...
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Jackson said...

Awesome gesture! Your linework is lovely, as always.


hey cheeks,

do more of these step by steps ok?

AlexTuis said...

This Hulk Sketch already give a strong gesture and personnality to the creature.
You really rocks man! Good to see you again!

Happy 2008!

Paul Burrows said...

Sean are you going to have a booth at Wizard World LA? A new Book?

J. Fiorino said...

Sean! Your stuff is still looking AWESOME! I've just added you to my blog so that I can keep an eye on your amazing work! I'll be at the Ringling College of Art and Design booth again this year at Megacon. I look forward to seeing you there again!


ooz said...

Awesome blog and artworks!

I love it!

Paul Burrows said...

I love to see your process, that you do gesture sketches first.

Cheeks said...

thank you, Jackson!

i'll try to do my best, comikxguy. :)

thank you so much, Alextuis!

Paul, i'll try to have a book by then. When is that con? As for a table I better put in for one asap!

Jared! You're too kind, man! It was so cool meeting you all last year. man, your school, and SCAD has mad talent! I'm not sure if I can make Megacon this year. :(

thank you, Ooz!

thank you, Paul! I have to defintely do gestures to find the energy I'm looking for in my work.

Paul Burrows said...

Wizard World LA is March 14th - 16th Heres the website for info!