23 November 2007

Space. The final frontier....

....or not. :P I had to do that to you. hehehe

Here we have Science Patrol Hayata and his alter ego Ultraman.

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!


Rafael said...

Whatup dude!!!
Long time no see.
Hope everything is cool my brotha'. Take care mamacita!

arnie said...

that is wicked cheeks. i like the way you throw down the base, and build off of it.

peace out

Cooked Art said...

This is badass man!

Keep up the awesome.

Thales said...

im a big fan of ultraman! niiiice!!!

m.j. Nuñez said...

muy chido..!!


Toyebot said...

YES!!! Very cooooool!

Bobby Chiu said...

that's frikkin coool Sean!

dustin said...

DUDE! ULTRA MAN! you rock amigo!

Cheeks said...

waddup rafael, mi mamcita bonita?! hahahaha good to see you on here. gimme a buzz sometime. i'm in la m-f every week.

thank you, Arnie! i'm workin real hard on trying to make my forms more solidified.

thank you, cooked art!

thanks, thales!

gracias mucho, m.j. nunez!

haha glad ya dig it, toyebot!

waddup, Bobby?! Dude... thank you so much! i'd love to see you paint up one of these images if you ever have time. :)

you rock, Dustin! i am lllllllloooooovin you and Derek teaming up and 'World's Finest". DC Comics was smart to get you both on it.

proconpictures said...

hmmm, so, is he steppin' on his alter egos foot? i dig the suit and poses of course, as usual.