15 April 2006


...can we talk bout this first?

i wanted to revisit some of my past time favorite characters. This guy's name is Dexter, from Space Ace. Manomanoman, this concept, game, and cartoon was way before it's time.

hope y'all digs!

Art: Sean "Cheeks" Galloway


Hammy said...

Finally found your blog site! I have heard of you a lot around before on the net. Really neat style, I love your colour sense and your character designs.

Atlantean said...

Love your work, Cheeks. Know you from Devianart. Both your work and Ayanimeya´s are trully inspiring.

Hope to get to seeyour Hellboy Animated series soon.

Keep up the good work.

Antonio Santamaria said...

Sean... I like very much the attitude; solid but dynamic at time... And I love the sense of colour that you have, in this one, very good lighting!
Best Regards!

Cheeks said...

thank you, everyone!!!

M.E Ellis said...

I get a feeling I'm on the blog of someone famous but what the frick it means nothing to me! I'm just admiring your ability. Can't draw to save my life, myself. Well, if it was to save my life I'm sure I could rustle something up but nothing as good as these.

Think stick men with clouds for hair and you'll get mt drift.

I'll stick to writing novels!


Cheeks said...

hahaha thank you so much! i am really happy to hear that my artwork can do that to you. stickmen are fun! that's how my drawings start. :)

Chris Battle said...

Ya gotta love SPACE ACE & DRAGON'S LAIR. Many quarters pumped into those. (The DVDs kick ass- just press 'play')

How 'bout some Daphne, Dragon and Borf pictures?

Anonymous said...

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